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side of war, in so far as it calls for "volunteers." And

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"With all my heart--/au revoir/ at The Mooring," said he.

side of war, in so far as it calls for

That /au revoir/ had reference to the circumstance that they were to be fellow-guests at Mrs. Linton's house at Hurley-on-Thames, known as The Mooring. Phyllis had told him that she was about to pay that visit, and when he said:

side of war, in so far as it calls for

"Why, I am going as well," she had raised her eyes to his face, an unmistakable look of pleasure on her own, as she cried:

side of war, in so far as it calls for

"I am so glad! When do you go?"

"I go on Tuesday--two days sooner."

The tone in which she spoke made him feel that she had said:

"What on earth shall I do during those dreary two days?" or else he had become singularly conceited.

But even if she had actually said those words they would not have made him feel unduly vain. He reflected upon the fact which he had more than once previously noticed--namely, that the girl, though wise as became a daughter of a Member of Parliament to be (considering that she had to prevent, or do her best to prevent, her father from making a fool of himself), was in many respects as innocent and as natural as a girl should be. She had only spoken naturally when she had said that she was glad he was to be of the riverside party--when she had implied by her tone that she was sorry that two whole days were bound to pass before he should arrive.