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that the word"divine," as employed therein, shall mean

source:iostime:2023-11-29 13:40:34

"Probably a telegram from Paris had told her; that was the source of her inspiration."

that the word

"Oh, no! what was so funny about the matter was that Mr. Linton's servant bungled sending the telegram, so that Ella knew nothing of his coming."

that the word

"You have not seen Ella since your return?"

that the word

"No; I have been with her husband on business all day, however."

"And of course he would not have occasion to refer to so casual an incident as his wife's wearing a new toilet."

"Of course not. The word inspiration has no place in a commercial vocabulary, Miss Ayrton."

"But it is a good word elsewhere, Mr. Courtland.

"Yes, it has its meaning. You think that it may be safely applied to the wearing of an effective toilet. I wonder if you would think of applying it to the words you said to me on the last evening I was here?"